Why Is Smoothwall More Expensive Than Textured Walls

Drywall Taper Why Is Smoothwall More Expensive Than Textured Walls and Knockdown or Orangepeel

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All home owners ask this question why smoothwall cost more to install vs orangeppel or spray on textures. We mind you after reading this article post,” you’ll see the reason why remodelers ask home owners to leave to the pros,” an not attempt to do it youre self unless sought-out with high authority construction supervision from start to finish drywall taping. See Why…

The truth to the matter drywall tapers should know the cost of taping fresh installed drywall with joints and corners all exposed, prior to giving a drywalll estimate on a 400 st foot smoothwall project Kailua.

Recently a client requested a smooth finished drywall taping installation in Kailua Oahu,” the newly remodeled kitchens and bathroom was a custom design, and the decor was high end,” every squre inch needed to smooth wall textured,” however the client was a penny pincher,” looking for a cheap taping job VS a quality pro smooth wall application,” the Remodeling Oahu.com advertises widely,” our reply to home was totally honest the set up and timing much longer, more grueling and far more sanding is necessary to create the hard glass smooth wall finish look,” all home owners-demand,” trust me,” this client wanted the luxury treatment at nearly 30% out of 100% the total cost,” in fact it was a 20 by 20 grand total of 400 sq ft.

In general contracting Oahu-Handyman is licensed quality preferred over a contractor bid,” meaning we offer affordable prices on all types on drywall taping in Honolulu Hawaii,” with top quality pro serviceman onsite,” tooled and ready to tape off all the floors with red Roselin paper to protect the owners worthy investment,” it is dynamically devised to increase quality and reliability,” where taping of floors create a clean and safe drywall clean up safety zone.

Of course drywall taping can be totally messy,” thats where the taping off of all wood, and concrete flooring even carpeting materials get wrapped to protect the flooring.

Moving on to the Kailua drywall taping project: The client tried to work magic numbers without the proper insight he nodded at the quote of only $2,6.000 – so we worked a deal so low he would now refuse,” however, he was a owner builder type that wanted just the first 2 layers of joint compound and all the screw hole cover three times,” of course we did as he asked – in retro we informed him of the reality,” normally we apply all the smooth finish, coated 3 times,” then sanded,” thirdly,” we apply one coat of primer to highlight any possible blemishes that might arise from imperfections, where our drywall tapers skim coat smooth,” to the final stage of smoothwall – : client obscure to the territory,” insisted on finish the priming and base coat white painting on his own,” that caused a major outbreak in our finished product.

The end rults to these types of contracting created an issue,” do to the lack of knowledge the owner builder had not known,” he did not take in our worth advice at experts in the game,” the price he paid was on his own behalf,” why once a drywall project is skimmed three times, sanded and coated,”: the company is done – where tapers are required to prime a smoothwall textured project.

To end this dilemma,” if you are a DYI make damm sure you can apply quality pro absolute clean work – for more details please follow up with a reply or check us out at our smoothwall tapers webpage Honolulu Hawaii. Also if you own a huge Labrador keep it chained up not running loose in the home… thanks ….



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