Whats Inside Coffee & Why It Works So Quickly

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Hello readers….

Coffee: are you a heavy coffee drinker,” drinking more than 4 to 5 cups daily?

If you enjoy coffee or likes to drink coffee on a more than regular basis”” wait until you find out whats inside coffee that energies you and why caffeine could be a major contributor caffeine overdose …

Hands down coffee is a tasty beverage…the rich robust smell is enough to wake you in deep sleep… Hey everybody drinks coffee now days moreover coffee is used in cooking, baking and even known to be used as way to help promote health trough adding over 200 live anti oxidants the bran and body thrive or carve … in a coffee bean .. not a nut shell,” coffee is actually good for you ..

Are their any substitutes for coffee… soon I will tell you__) “”but for now” learn “Whats Inside Coffee & Why It Works So Quickly“.

Coffee is made from a very indigenous bean first founded in Saudi Arabia in the early 1200’s.. The discovery of this coffee bean was stumbled upon by a goat that was chewing these red berries.. while the goat herder noticed the goat doing so he became very curios as to why_-) the herder then took some beans and decided to boil them.. it wasn’t very pleasant .. he then put them in a pan over a desert camp fire__) roasting them to a dark color …

since that day he roasted those beans goat herders noticed a sudden or immediate burst of energy or feel good high.. after that day he brought them home announced to the town shed about the discovery…. just shortly afterward…. coffee was brewed and served.

Coffee goes way back” that’s why it is a staple food,”… Since then these coffee cravings from Americans and modern civilization that depend on the black Java bean are more dependent now than ever…

Coffee works because it stimulates your insulin and drives your metabolism up wards.

As modern living warns of the condition caffeine may causes… their are coffee substitutes that actually are made from real coffee beans ..

If a person is looking to slowly stop drinking coffee or a doctor has asked them to slow or completely get off JAVA”… their however a natural or healthy solution I would encourage you to try… HEALTHY COFFEE…

What Is Healthy Coffee?

Ganoderma mushrooms are added into the first healthy from Malaysia,” but hers the catch …Reishi mushrooms are among the major healing groups of therapeutic mushrooms … as a coffee consumer many are well aware of caffeine and the side effects it could posse… using the famous reishi mushroom extract helps to slow the absorption of caffeine when added combined with the first healthy coffee beans of Indonesia…

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