The Best MLM Biz Opp Gano Excel Supplements and MLM Coffee Entrepreneurs

The Best MLM Biz Opp Gano Excel Supplements and MLM Coffee Entrepreneurs

Have you ever had a distributor call you and say “I’m fixin’ to quit!”

“This business ain’t working for me…”

Right then — your mind takes you to all the hours you spent recruiting that person…

The miles of driving back ‘n’ forth to meet with them…

The time away from family so you could answer their endless questions over Starbucks coffee

The hours of training you invested in them… the expensive “how- to” training packs you put in their hands…


The meetings you dragged them to… the hundred-person warm list you helped them write longhand… the pep talks… the endless hand-holding…

The auto-ship order you finally made them see was in their best interest.

Then they have the nerve to call you and say they want to call it quits!

And it not only depresses you… it eats at you with a fury, because…

They are kicking you in the teeth… and after all
the sacrifices you’ve made for them!

Good news is: you can save the day and protect the time, money and energy you’ve invested in this distributor.

There’s two options on the table…

You can try and convince your distributor that the business does work… that it will give them the life changes they want so badly… if they actually work the business… not get caught up talking about doing the business… or planning on doing the business.

Or… and here’s where things start getting fun…

You can easily show and prove to your disenchanted distributor that they are only a short step from seeing their business take- off, if they begin to embrace the wisdom of small, manageable, daily actions… and wise daily decision making.

Which approach do YOU think will
put a final end to all the silly excuses?

How soul-stirring is it to look out at the Grand Canyon? I’ll tell you…

Nowhere near as gratifying as seeing distributors who won’t stop with excuses and whining… finally roar into action… and start seeing results!

The key is getting these good men and women to see that when daily actions and decisions “compound”… a beautiful thing happens: They start to make money.

The key is knowing what small decisions and actions add up to serve the growth of your business.

To see my solution to this, cl.ick here.

When I was growing my own downline I identified 13 distinct and trackable business-building activities.

It led to me introducing my Pocket Tracker tool to grateful networkers, hungry to be able to know, beyond doubt, that their daily actions are adding up to the humming business they envision when their head hits the pillow.

Ask most upline leaders for business-building advice and they’ll just slap you on the rear and say, “Just go out there and do it!”

Some help that is!
In contrast, Pocket Tracker is like a great upline leader in your pocket or purse 24/7! It tells you what you’re doing wrong…or not doing “right enough” to see the sponsoring results you’re seeking.

Are you meeting enough new people?

Are you following up enough?

Are you making enough retail sales… or giving enough training to your new reps?

Pocket Tracker will tell you the answer.

You simply check off your business-building actions as the day passes.

Sometimes, it’s a pleasant surprise to find that you’re done for the day much earlier than you might think! But, best of all…

No longer are you hittin’ and a hoping…

Crossing your fingers that your actions are
leading you to the downline that’s going to
fuel an early and relaxing retirement

Now you know that your actions are small step… by small step… taking you exactly where you’re determined to go. No more guessing. No more fear about wasted efforts or wasted time.

You’re finally going places! And you’ve got a Pocket Tracker in your hand that proves it!

As part of my latest promotion I’m going to give you 3 Pocket Trackers at a steep discount… BUT… that’s just the cherry on top.

The main course I want you to savor is an audio 3-CD set by Jeff Olson, entitled, “The Slight Edge”.

With Pocket Tracker at your side you’ll know what small actions you need to take on a daily basis…

And Jeff Olson, a respected builder of 3 multi-million dollar downlines, is going to open your eyes to the “daily decisions” you need to make to join an elite club of M.L.M superstars.

This Slight Edge is about to give you a
giant advantage as you move forward

Because here’s the thing…

There’s nothing “Hollywood” about how big M.L.M businesses get built.

Wealthy leaders who sit atop their productive downlines don’t thank “divine intervention”… “Lady Luck”… or magical serendipity for the massive volume flowing through their organization.

If you talk to them… and I count many of them as friends and peers… they didn’t rely on “luck” to meet the key leaders they recruited to build their business. They put the fate of their business into the hands of smart daily decision making.

And the results speak for themselves!

And in 3 hours of audio CD’s that are perfect for shortening any summer car journey, Jeff Olson shares those same smart daily decisions that built his downlines, my downline, and hundreds and thousands of others.

As you’ll discover, Jeff’s a gifted storyteller, but let me share how I think YOUR story can end if you act on this limited- time promotion today.


Because the 3 month’s worth of Pocket Trackers I’m giving you today… you can easily gift 2 of them to two leaders-in-waiting on your team.

You can show them how easy it is to track their activity… and to…

Watch in wonder as small, pebble-like actions and decisions
accumulate into a mountain of good fortune in your life.

I mean… just imagine what it must be like to have a BIG downline where you don’t have to listen to one excuse after another for why distributors aren’t working the business.

Now Pocket Tracker can course-correct them, so that they are crystal clear about what they need to do on a daily basis to see the seeds of residual income bloom in their life.

Now… go ahead and combine smart daily actions… with smart daily decisions… and boy do you have yourself something special.

You become a freight train… bustin’ through all
obstacles standing in the way of you and the
flourishing business you deserve.

Here’s the best bit:

The practical steps to “Slight Edge” thinking that Jeff Olson shares in your 3-CD set slide effortlessly into even the most jam-packed schedule.

You need something easy… something that untangles complications in life… that charts you a fool-proof course towards seeing fat monthly checks on the horizon.

That’s why I’ve tried to take all the thinking out of this offer, and give you the productivity boost of 3 Pocket Trackers… your companion 1-hour Pocket Tracker training CD… PLUS… Jeff Olson’s remarkable “Slight Edge” 3-CD set…

Not for the $66.84 you’d pay to have these tools and trainings shipped to your door at their regular price, but for only $37.00!

Healthy Coffee

That’s right — less than you’d lay out for dinner for two at your favorite steak place.

Even better, your purchase is covered by my…

1-Year “Real Sponsoring Results”
100% Full Refund Guarantee.

Yes… you get an almost unheard of — 365 days — yes, an entire year to decide if these proven trainings and tools are giving your business the boost it needs.

So when I tell you this limited-time offer has no downside attached… you can believe it.

To your success,


P.S. It doesn’t matter what your background is… what your skills are… or your confidence level at this very moment… you really can be your company’s newest Action Hero…

That said… Hollywood has it all wrong when it comes to M.L.M. Click below and I’ll share why…

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