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Preschools in Kauai, Hi…

Child & family/Services”: Looking for an affordable head start and Kauai child care & family services that offers parents the options of after school daycare on and economical budget?

These options for preschoolers and parents still available to income-eligible families… while they last.

This article is written to encourage families of children between two and four at affordable discounted way of free schooling in the Isand of Kauai.

Child and family care services, Headstart provides preschool and comprehensive family services to Kauai’s income eligible families in numerous locations throughout the island.

The Headstart’s curriculum includes educational, social emotional, health and nutritional programs as well as a ship appropriate excursions for preschoolers and children.
Additionally, comprehensive services are provided for children with disabilities and malfunctions limited.

Each Headstart Center are licensed and staffed with highly qualified head teachers and classroom a, they offer a variety of opportunities for families to participate as a volunteer workers to help their young siblings. Colonic head start program options include both half-day and full-day centers. The centers are located in Kekaha, ‘Ele’ele, Koloa mainly on the west side of Kauai Hawaii.

On on the east side of Kauai you will also have the options of daycare at affordable savings,” in Lihue, Kapaa, and also affordable preschools in Kilauea the north shore of Kauai.
The coup why Headstart staff also provides transitioning services as the children get ready to move on to kindergarten. All interested families are encouraged to call 245-5914 for further information or request an application to enter your child and the discounted nonprofit and private Child and family services since 1899.

Look for these options:

Family Child Care

Family Child Care is care provided in the caregiver’s home typically caring for up to 6 unrelated children, depending on their ages. For safety reasons, the law requires that no more than 2 of the children can be under the age of 18 months. Parents choose family child care because they want to keep their children in a home-like environment. They prefer to relate to a single caregiver and believe that children are healthier, happier and more secure in smaller groups. Some parents like having all their children in the same group, or trust what they learned about the provider from friends. Sometimes they choose family child care because they find it closer to home, less expensive or more flexible.

Child Care Centers

Child Care Centers usually provide more structure and includes daycare nurseries, preschools, parent cooperatives, and drop-in child care centers. Families often choose this type of care because they offer children the opportunity to interact with a larger number of children and adults. Child Care Centers offer programs to a variety of age groups and vary in terms of educational philosophy, curriculum, costs and services.

contact  these Kauai child services immediately and see if you qualify for affordable discounted child care in Kauai, Hawaii

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