Network Marketers Network Marketers Im Calling Your MLM Bluff Now

After doing quite a bit of thinking this morning, I’ve decided that your in-action isn’t acceptable this time aasd.

You subscribed to this list because you said you wanted to build a successful business, and because you wanted my help.

So I spent months putting together “What’s Working Now” for you… A breakthrough way for you to literally peak inside the businesses of the best marketers in our industry, to see what’s working best for them right now…

Basically giving you what I would have killed for when I was starting out…

A one-stop-shop for the training you need, at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay somewhere else.

But the simple fact of the matter, is that you haven’t signed up yet.

So personally, I feel that if you aren’t willing to pony up $10 to get access to this kind of insider info from the people literally making 7 and 8 figures in this industry, then you should just get off my list.


I’m not saying that to be mean, but I can’t help you if you’re not willing to help yourself, so there’s really no point in you being here.

I don’t have the time or patience for people who say they want one thing, and then do another.

Especially when I’m willing to LOSE MONEY just to let you try something out that I know will help you.

Yes… I LOSE MONEY, on every single What’s Working Now memory stick I’m shipping to people, because I wanted to over-deliver, and provide you with a new standard of value.

So pardon me, but I’m calling your bluff, because in-action is not allowed this time.

It’s simple…

1: You get to try WWN and keep the memory stick it comes on for $9.95.

2: If you get more value than you paid from it: You Win.

3: If you get less value than you paid, you get a refund, which means: You Win.

No matter what happens, you win, which means I’m calling your bluff.

You have two choices…

Join What’s Working Now – today – because I know it will help you, or kindly remove yourself from my list.

Here’s the Free Mlm Leads sign-up link, or you can find the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this email.

The choice is yours, but it’s TIME TO GET OFF THE FENCE AND MAKE THE CHOICE. It’s your life, not mine, so either way is fine by me.

I’m off to Denver, and I’ll see the leaders on the other side.

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