Kauai Plantation Coconut Market Place Managment Team

Bid Fair Well To The Former Kauai Plantation Coconut Market Place Management Team…..

This article targets a prime Kauai shopping center,” to tell it like it is the plantation coconut market place has still to surpass its rivals amongst their competition the Kukui grove shopping mall. Further more on the sunny south shore of Kauai theirs a new mall being constructed in Poipu.

Just days ago the former manager Frank Zablan bid Alohas to Kauai,” after the market was over thrown by a tough economy that Kauaiains fear most… Yep Bradah Frank said im done,” he’s over it, im headed back to the the Big Island where I will manage a larger shopping mall in Waimea Hawaii.

Frank” I tried Kauai but as a manager I take what comes along,” the main corporate industry is pulling out of their contract as sub leasers here at the CMP, the big dogs make the big decisions Hawaii offers more, Kauai offers less,” but it is the best place to live and relax,”… . After trying to upgrade the mall we over spent excessive dollars,” that left us with a ching ching feeling , no more funds to reopen the biggest Kauai attraction on this property the coconut market place movie cinema,” as we demoed out fixtures, stair wells, interior, and other broken down structures,” the budget also depleted,” leaving us with the ultimatum,” do or die…..

Our budget was over the 1 million dollar marker,” to much roof repair and not enough movie cinema repair that we could have targeted and reopened in time for the busy summer season when tourist thrive on movie theaters: ,” we demoed out over 200,000 of old pipes water falls, fixtures, old water heaters and more….. in fact we never even remodeled the main priority the public bathrooms located at the cinema side.

Our goals where set to accomplish what Kauai needed most,” a highly respectable and luxury Island style shopping center where families and vacationers can come to everyday, go home and tell everyone about us….. we tried, thats what Lifes all about keeping it real…. We tried to get the movie cinema back up,” further we knew how much revenue was at stake form the loss of the movie cinema,” it is estimated the the loss of the coconut market movie cinema cost the shopping mall  as mush as 2 million dollars per year in lost revenue…

Based on a review done by the massage hut crew:  foot traffic with the movie cinema as the main attraction – we lost 200 customers per day: that strolled the mall looking for the next block buster to be released: that estimation leads us to believe that each customer spent an average of $20.00 or more to watch a movie buy popcorn, soda, hot dogs, candy and of course the movie ticket: when we times ed $20.00 times 30 days: that means they spent $4000.00 per day: On the monthly estimation they spent $120,00

‘in an annual year customers spent $ over 1 million dollars to watch movies and eat popcorn….

This is a total estimation of revenue the market place lost in one year, the  cost of money spent which was well over $1 million dollars:  owners of shops now live the reality… we need a good Hawaii business investor to manage the market place, if you budget well and reopen the main attraction,” we will get back the 2 million in lost revenue over the last 2 years… further more that new franchise will do so well,” Kauai needs restructure…. More good news two bran new resorts and housing facilities where just opened… The coconut market place is surrounded by the the most populated living population on Kauai, plus the busiest shopping town bar none…

as Kauai patriots and Kauai business owners in the market place deal with adversity one can only ask for one thing,” BRING BACK THE COCONUT MARKET PLACE MOVIE CINEMA” as a matter of fact whom ever gets the movie cinema will profit into the high margins….  Kauai’s biggest attraction…..

As Frank complimented all the good deeds of one of his vendors and Kauai kiosk holders,” he reinstated that the massage hut is one of the most successful and unique small business he ever saw grow from a simple hot dog cart into a mini day spa in a prime Kauai shopping mall the coconut market place.

Frank I tip my hat to your accomplishment,” I get the best reviews from customers on how each and every aspect of the massage hut,” customer service, satisfaction moreover testimonials the tourist offer. Everyday people rave about massage.  it is so convenient and affordable especially Ximena & Andrea they are so professional in all aspects of massage therapy….. Like a Kauai plantation day celebration.. the massage hut is truly the best place to relax on Kauai where food and fun plus free Hawaiian music… Mahalos to the massage hut…

Great job your business is sure to get even better,” as Kauai’s economy grows in 20010-20015

In an interview withFranks  former store owners,” they colaborated on the issue that still exist,” the lack of tourisim and foot traffic into the once Kauai’s largets attraction the coconut market place movie cinema:

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