Hang Drywall Over Concrete Wall

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Expert Drywaller In Oahu, Pearl City, Kapahulu - Hire A Hany Man Today 808-635-2324 Free Estimates

Drywall Hanging (Concrete Walls and Drywall)

Hanging drywall over concrete is not an easy task at bay. Every home improvement project has to be done right,” it take one mistake to blow the job away. Ordering material alone is time,” material cost money as-well.

Drywall construction and handyman repairs, all have a common area that requires an expert in the business.

Every homeowner wants to know how to hang drywall over concrete walls in a timely fashion, and this article you will learn exactly that.

By the end of this article you will learn how to order the material, which materials necessary, the hardware, and of course what size and thickness of drywall necessary, another aspect would be the type of installation you’ll need before hanging drywall over the metal studs.

measure the linear square footage, of area to be drywall to, jot down a list of how many pieces of sheet rock usually 4 x 8 half inch thick is all necessary to hang walls, unless you’re in a condominium where you’d like to stick in the walls for extra attention then you can go with 5, 8 thick drywall, in which is much thicker than the original four by a half-inch sheets.
A package of concrete metal screws for your desired hand tool, usually a concrete nail gun is best.
Tape off your floors,

Order the material and have it delivered to your job site. Unless you cannot donate to call an expert drywall or to help with your projects. Usually home owners call upon expert handyman or drywall expert.

Okay now you really to begin the project.

The first draw plum likes from top to bottom 16 inches apart from one another, using channel had drywall, material, this material allows you using the concrete nail gun stapling get to the concrete, prior to hanging the drywall.

The channel hat metal strips, should be attached to the wall using your concrete nail gun.
Drive the concrete nails space to at least 16 inches apart, to each side of each hat channel.

Between the channel had metal studs, you will need installation, note this is an option: — rigid board is a preferred installation for these types of jobs, and it won’t affect the thickness between the drywall and the concrete metal stud.

Hang drywall using 1 and 3 quarter inch metal screws ….

use he best hard ware possible .. spending extra on good materials make sense …..

bust of luck or your next drywall projects

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