Custom Drywall Drop Ceilings In Honolulu Homes and Condos

Custom Drywall Drop Ceilings In Honolulu Homes and Condos – The Most Anticipated Upgrade Home Buyers Perceive As An Asset During The First Property Home Buying Showing.


Creative drywall ceiling dropped 6 inches,” it is time to install a lowered lid in youre beachfront condo Oahu,” add a custom high end upgrade,” many luxury homes install at the drop of a dime.


Moving right along,” depending on the height of the condo/homes ceilings structure,” Ive had my share of drop ceiling installations at the Pearl Regency condominiums in Aiea,” my client Amanda,” a 54 yr old Japanese hotel management and sales rep for the Waikaloa Hyatt Regency Big Island Oahu,” insisted in a more than off topic idea,” building her kitchen drywall drop ceiling at just 3 inches,” that included the stud and the 1/2 inch Sheetrock,”:


In most drywall ceiling installations,”you’ll see a drop of 5 to 6 inches,:” Amanda,” the customer,” insisted on a 3 inch drop max,” no questions asked,” I was forced to deliver the high quality product in here 22 floor condo. At any rate,:” her funds where budgeted to a very low price,” leaving no room for compromising the labor intensive installation,” with materials pick up and products included in the $850 bid.


As the project went as planned,” you can imagine all the surprises,” un planned unnoticed,” long after the project started,” it took just 4 dayz to complete this job,”: Vicky was totally impressed with my work,” with out a dought she took pictures from start to finish,” with a tight supervised eye,” her unparalleled vision was unbelievably vague. Knock on wood,” soon as I layed out the red lines with a laser sharp red chalk line,” the pre existing popcorn ceiling became an immediate problem,” nevertheless,” the client,” Vicky was BROOKE – leaving me with only one alternative,” hang the dropped ceiling over the acoustic ceiling texture.


The dropped ceiling project,” consisted of an assortment of difficult task,: to begin with ordering an picking up all the materials at the Kaimuki City Mill,” question arised,” number one – without any hired help or hands,” whats the best approach to hang the ceiling studs across the kitchen,” which measured out to a total 9 by 10,” using exactly 2 by 3 by 10 ft length studs. The hardware consisted of drill bit tap cons, hex head tap cons, one roll of Roslin paper, concrete epoxy, 3 inch drywall screws, plastic corner beads,”: Smooth as planned,” all went well,” from layout to stud wall ceiling installation,” the dropped ceiling was in the making,” approx 2 days to install with no more than 21 studs total,” and just 3 sheets of sheet rock at 4 by 8 1/2 inch thickness,” I had to cut out 6 cans of recessed lighting,” using my rotar zip tool,” with two electrical outlets,” moreover all but one 8 ft and 5 ft ladder with a drywall bench ladder,” along with two contractor polls,” used to help me hold up the Sheetrock on the new stud layout required. The before and after pictures where absolutely awesome,” the final smoothwall finish was brilliant,” moreover Amanda totally impressed with the fine finished drop ceiling installation from start to finish.

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