Are Ganoderma Coffee and Reishi Mushroom Plantations In Malaysia

Check Out The organic-ganoderma-coffee planations
Check Out The organic-ganoderma-coffee planations

Are Ganoderma Coffee and Reishi Mushroom Plantations In Malaysia

Ganoderma mushrooms are cultivated and then extracted to make the coffee called red lingzhi reishi coffee. Ganoderma lucidum and red reishi lingzhi plantation are located in the most abundant organic soils of South East Asia.

The practices and tools used to derive the extracts are all pharmaceutical grade mushroom equipment that guarantee the fullness in each sachet of Ganocafe black coffee.

The popular coffee based in the united states and manufactured through Gano Excel in Irwindale Ca.

Gano Excel corporate contacts have enabled their distributors to market their magical mushroom coffees at wholesale pricing as listed at, look for the wholesale ganocafe prices as low as $18.00 bucks a box for all Gano Coffee Selections.

The popular Ganoderma coffee website is a top dealer of all Gano Excel coffee,” they even list the Ganocafe Ganoderma plantations on their website for retailers to know more about their low acid mushroom cafe Ganocafe.

Other coontries that market ganoderma are listed here …

  • Ganex (Vietnam);
  • Ganex Bangladesh;
  • Ganex India Marketing Pvt Ltd;
  • Gano Excel (Brunei);
  • Gano Excel (Hong Kong), Ltd;
  • Gano Excel (Phils), Inc. (Philippines);
  • Gano Excel Australia;
  • Gano Excel Dominican Republic;
  • Gano Excel Enterprise (Thailand) Co. Ltd.;
  • Gano Excel Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.;
  • Gano Excel GCC (Saudi Arabia);
  • Gano Excel International (Canada) Inc.;
  • Gano Excel Mongolia Co. Ltd.;
  • Gano Excel Myanmar;
  • Gano Excel Nepal;
  • Gano Excel New Zealand Limited;
  • Gano Excel Puerto Rico;
  • Gano Excel S.R.L. (Romania);
  • Gano Excel Singapore Pte. Ltd.;
  • Gano Excel USA Inc.;
  • Gano Excel Pakistan;
  • Ganoexcelbiz Korea;

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